2012 Walton County

2012 Walton County Horse Show, Monroe, GA

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Youth 11 & Under: The American General / Sellers Veazey
Super Moon
STAKE: The Magic Line / Gary Edwards
LS Western: Confederate Jazz / Carrie Martin
Open Sp: Jose's Evening Sun / Gary Hollin
LS Eng: Princess Speed / Christina Morrison
Ladies Amt Sp: I'm Rocky Balboa / Dr. April Mitchell Mealor
3 y/o Stallions: Nino's Category Five / Gary Edwards
Park Perf. Sp: Look Who's InCommand / Lamar Coleman
GWHEA Members: Steel Force / Oline Price
TP Eng: Hannah Montana / Skylar Burke
Amt 50+: Trouble On The Line / Dr. Tom Morgan
Amt 15.2: Touch On Cash MM / Denise Coleman
Sellers Veazey
Youth TP: Princess Speed / Christina Morrison
Amt 2 y/o: Jose's Straight Tequila / Stephanie Roth
Amt Novice Sp: Richie Rich / Cody Wofford
3 y/o M&G: The First Lady / Gary Edwards
AOT: Million Dollar Smile / Jonathan Holsomback
GWHLA: The Magic Line / Stephanie Roth
Youth Pony: Move Over / Kaity Hayes
TP Western: Dream Catcher Command / Linda Smith
Montverde Academy
Kyleigh Lairnes, Stick Horse Champion
Adult Ponies: Nacho Cheese / Lori Lesser
Model: Clearly Neon / Carrie Martin
Lead Line: Peaches / Hazel Warchick
3 y/o Champ: J.F.K. Allusion / Dr. April Mealor

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